Wonderful 1 in DOTA2

Case 1:

Summary of things

Team ladders, matching to the same five blacks 2 times. At the end of the first set, the opposite side suddenly began to take turns to suspend the crazy hair wheel. . The only typing is “3000?”

I thought for a long time, we didn’t ridicule them, didn’t provoke them, why?

The 3000 refers to the cockroach. .

(The text is too much, but the screenshot is too late, and a small video is recorded. Maiho

Then the second set was good at the beginning, and until we pressed the token, the opposite side suddenly started a new round of ridicule. .

So I realized that 3000 refers to the token O.O.

Think carefully, the previous set really pressed 3,000 tokens. . So I was ridiculed by madness. . . ? ? WTF

Of course, in the second set, we returned to their springs.


Why do so many people say that “the opposite side pressed the tokens, won them, and I will ridicule if I change to me”

You are a bit funny.

I have seen all the disgusting words on both sides of the bureau, and there is no such pause in the rotation + no more than 100 roulette sarcasm.

This time I will press a token, I will be so climax, I really don’t understand this world.

Others say that technology is not as good as people. .

Is this a problem with poor skills? ? I am vomiting that some people’s ridicule is really low, which makes me have a long experience, which is not related to skills. .

I don’t know what to say. (The left side of the picture is the gang of mad people, the right side is our side)

But at least in our eyes, this token is really under pressure, and it doesn’t matter if it is lost.

(I don’t even care about doubles. The season group’s ladder has already doubled more than 500 points, and it’s still awkward (╯▽╰)╭)

Case 2:

Playing well, suddenly said the opposite side, “Have your mother died?”

(Although the previous one won the opposite, but no matter whether it was the last half or the first half of the game, we did not make any ridicule. No words have been played, no roulette has been used.)

When I was so tempered, I went straight back. (I am a butcher)

It is estimated that I was hit back by this sentence, I don’t know how to get back.

It wasn’t until our enemy’s law abused the spring that it was killed and suddenly started again.

Sure enough, I started to make a fuss about sex.

After the game.

If you can’t beat it, it’s just a matter of sexism. 666666

Case 3:

The warlock is iceice, with the monkeys black, with 3 passers-by.

After the game, he was sprayed by his teammates O_O

I will probably talk about what his teammates are. .

Legion: Sandals + Jumping Knife, without a teammate in the side, confidently jump + duel in 4 men. .

PA: I haven’t seen him before 40 minutes.

Rubik: Is there a Rabick in this game? ?

Summary: Admire the admiration. I really want to spray it. O.O