Wonderful night, the story of Ekhnaton

Hello everyone, I am the gimmick at the end of the postgraduate entrance examination. The whimsy night is an idea that I had before the exam, that is, the historical truth story was slightly adapted. The story is told in the form of an interview. It does not restore history. If there is similarity, it is probably that you copy me.

This interview was an internship I did in July last year. I visited an old predecessor and chatted with him. He was an energy-powered scholar and was working on a project to cool the dew point of the cooling tower. I originally asked him about my innovative experiment, chatted and talked about ancient Egypt, and then chatted and talked about Ehna Thun Pharaoh.

Speaking of Pharaoh Ehna Thon, some people may not understand it, but he has a very famous move that is the Reformation. He once changed the Egyptian god’s belief in Amun to Atun, and drove the priest out of the temple. Divide land and money to civilians. At the same time, he created a lot of works of art. During his reign, Egypt reached an unprecedented artistic and cultural prosperity. But perhaps it is slightly sad. His most famous may be his son-in-law, the famous young pharaoh of Egypt – Tutankhamun.

(It is also the prototype of the first season of King of Game)

I told the old predecessors that I used to read a popular science book about Egypt. I described him as “Pharaoh Qingjun’s appearance tells the serenity. It seems to tell people that although this pharaoh did nothing in politics, he was in cultural life. But it has brought unprecedented prosperity to Egypt.”

He was silent and told me that he didn’t really want to.

I asked, what do you want to do, is he actually trying to do something politically?

He told me that he actually wanted to make a difference. He even wrote a concept book about the ideal country, which recorded the ideal world he wanted, everyone is equal, there is no level gap, every Individuals are happy and peaceful for a lifetime. Moreover, from his various reforms, he is actually a very ambitious person, but he does not seem to know how to use power to achieve the ideal. What he can do is to become a very noble person.

I thought about it, his idea, how it feels like Utopia we think later.

Yes, the old predecessors answered me like this. His own thoughts were originally ridiculous. It seems to be no different from Utopia, but the society proposed by the post-thousands of thousands of years is already mature in his mind. This is a miracle.

Then he must be a genius. I said so.

However, the older generation still shook his head. I remind you, he said to me, if you think that human thoughts have been infiltrated in the material world for so long, even if the spirit is detached, it will not be completely separated from material thinking. And the actions of Pharaoh Ehna Thun are like a person who is completely incompatible with human society. Have you not thought about why?

I asked, is he a foreigner?

When I asked this question, I felt that I was too stupid. In ancient Egypt, the inheritance of bloodlines was very important. The royal family often married brothers and sisters to prevent the blood of the royal family from being diluted. In this case, Ekhnaton is unlikely to be a foreigner.

The old predecessors looked at me with a little annoyed look, and kindly reminded me that the foreigner was not him, but another person around him. You think about it, many of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt were genetically ill, and Ehna Pand was no exception. He has been suffering from a strong genetic disease, so now people have recovered from his bones and found that he has extreme Slender limbs, protruding abdomen and wide buttocks are not the body that normal people should have. At that time, the doctors in Egypt were helpless about Pharaoh’s condition, but all this changed when a person came over.

This person is the princess of Asia, Nefertti, who is married to Pharaoh. This is a woman who is full of charm and has her own ideas. As she comes along with a doctor from Asia, he is called a doctor. This god doctor treated the Pharaoh Ehnaton, but the disease in the gene could not be cured even by the current medical methods. The doctor could only find ways to alleviate his suffering, but even then, it was taboo at the time. Knowledge.

I interjected and asked, what is the knowledge of taboos?

He told me that the knowledge has greatly exceeded the history of history, just like the programming knowledge when the computer has not been invented. This is very ridiculous. Once it is leaked, it is mistaken for the evil. Expose the true identity of the doctor.

– So what is the real identity?

——…… I can’t tell you this.

In short, the divine doctor relieved Pharaoh’s pain, and Pharaoh was originally an extraordinarily enlightened and inclusive person. He accepted the identity of the divine doctor and kept this secret in his heart, even the queen did not tell. At the same time, the medical doctor was recruited into the palace to be his personal medical officer (I still use the medical doctor to match later), and the medical doctor also admired Pharaoh as a person, and they became good partners. The diligent doctor often talks with Pharaoh about social and ethical issues, and let Pharaoh deeply believe that the current religion, that is, the Amonism, is actually just a weapon for the ruler to exploit the poor, and the Datong society described by the doctors, It is also his own yearning. Under the ideal of two people, the reform began.

They first abolished the god Amon, with the local god, the god of Aswan, who symbolizes the sun, as the main god of Egypt. Then, as the book wrote, he severely rectified the monks, activated the new ministers, and even changed the prime minister. However, his means have always been very gentle. There are not many bloody conflicts in this reform. He hopes that the teachings of Atun, that is, everyone is equal, that everyone is free and that fraternity can influence their subjects in Egypt and let them live in the ideal society he and the doctors conceived.

However, he is not a suitable politician. His character also makes him unable to bear the consequences of the reform. In addition, the doctor is not a politician himself. He is also doing the same with Pharaoh. Officials around Pharaoh may have to sneak a horse or be deceived, and the monks in the Atun Temple have also embarked on it. The old road where the monks used to exploit civilians. In this effort but without paying off, his emotions quickly became violent, which is reflected in his artistic creation, and his various art shows a painful poetry.

The change of Pharaoh is unacceptable, and there are also many old nobles who used to want to assassinate Pharaoh. In the face of this situation, the Queen once let Pharaoh kill the doctor, lest he be confused. Pharaoh could not betray his friendship with the doctor, so he reprimanded the queen. This made the Queen very angry, took the child to go back to Thebes, and never saw him again.

Later, Pharaoh Echnant died in depression, and the Egyptian royal family was in chaos. At that time, the Pharaohs changed several times in a short time, but they were either young children or deliberate courtiers. The divine psychiatrist controlled the pharaoh with the idea of ​​saving the Egyptian royal family, but this control is also abnormal. Later, when Pharaoh Tutankhamun, the son-in-law of Ekhnaton, succeeded to the throne, he joined the then queen to kill the doctor.

Wait a minute, I asked, the god doctor was killed, that is to say, this represents the restoration of the temple of Amon during Tutankhamun’s reign?

He told me that this is the case, but the restoration of the temple of Amon has also been going on for a long time, because the god doctor had sacrificed the friend of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in the process of controlling Pharaoh, leading him to the god doctor and the old Ehna There was an unspeakable resentment, and he sent someone to smear the names of Ekhnaton and the doctor from the epic record. However, in other records, scholars can find out the records of the events of Ekhna, but this unnamed doctor can no longer be found.

When I heard this, I always had a question in my heart, so I asked, so what kind of person is this doctor?

He didn’t answer me, just told me that the story about Pharaoh this night is over.

This is the image of the Pharaoh of Ehna Thun. The scholars studied this. He has artistically processed his image. His face has been elongated, showing a relaxed and leisurely modality. This is also in line with the “medical virtue” of the doctor. All living in the satisfaction of the requirements

The whimsy night is as far as possible, and I like the historical characters I like. If you accidentally blacken the people you like, hey, I don’t change anyway.