Write to the future you – Yu Guangzhong

I hope that you are an idealist from beginning to end.
You can be a farmer,
Can be an engineer,
Can be an actor,
Can be a tramp,
But you must be an idealist.

Let’s tell you the story of the hero.
It doesn’t have to be a hero.
I hope that you have a pure character.
We let you touch poetry, painting, music,
It is to fill your heart with noble taste.
These noble tastes will support your life.
It will not forget the fragrance of roses in the harshest winter.
The ideal will make people outstanding.

Don’t worry about your shape.
Ideally pure, your temperament,
The most beautiful woman will be annoying because of vulgarity.
The path to ideals is often not satisfactory.
And you will suffer as much as you can.

But, child,
Although you go for it,
The idealist’s ending is tragic and unreasonable.
In a seemingly bumpy life,
You will meet many wise men and gentlemen.
You will see many landscapes and miracles that no one else can meet.
Although mediocrity is chosen, it is safe, but it has no color.

Don’t give up your dreams for the small profits.
Don’t change your beliefs for a certain trend.
The appearance of the material world is too complicated.
You have to know how to reject the temptation of vanity.

Ideal is not an affordable thing,
It often cannot bring you the enjoyment of the world.
So you have to get used to nobody,
Learn to enjoy your spirit and learn to be different from others.

Second, the child,
I hope that you are a practical person.
Life is too short,
And there are too many imaginary things.
You are very easy to dazzle, and ultimately nothing can be done.

If you are a beautiful girl,
When you are young, there will be many males who love you.
The things you get are too easy,
This will make you flow in shallowness and vain;
If you are a very smart boy,
I will think that I can achieve many great things and scorn.

Remember, everyone has limited ability,
We can do a good job in the world.
Write a book and be a housewife.
Don’t underestimate ordinary people, don’t opportunistically,
Don’t attack things you can’t do.
When you grow up, you will know that it is too difficult to do one thing.
But never give up.

You have to know and cherish your feelings.
Regardless of men and women,
Regardless of the inner wall of the wall, it is not easy to intersect.
There will be misunderstandings and frictions in the process of making friends.
But think about it,
In the big world, how many people can you go with?

You have to understand that your friends will eventually leave.
Someone can be with me in life.
Listen to your conversation and talk to you, you should be grateful.
To love yourself and love others,
Be aware of yourself and understand others.

Your heart is as soft as a stream,
Your eyes should be as bright as spring.
You have to cry,
I will sit alone in the dark and listen to the sad music.
You have to appreciate the tragedy,
Tragedy can enrich your mind.

I hope you don’t be kitsch.
You are an independent person,
No one can erase your independence,
Unless you compromise with the world.

To learn to appreciate the truth,
See the truth under the heavy mask.
There are many people in the world who are sleek standards.
But there are very few outstanding people.
And often excelled and hidden under the arrogance.
In form, we cannot fight with the established secular,
And in the heart we are all our own kings.

If you have a flattering smile on your face,
I will cover my face with shame.
Many things in the world are dazzling but worthless.
Don’t put yourself on the mass balance,
Otherwise, you will be at a loss, and people will be clouded.

On a specific person,
I hope that you don’t interrupt other people’s conversations.
Don’t be squeaky.
You have to take at least two hours a day to study.
Write a letter to your friend.

Don’t always think about what others should do for you,
And think about how to help others.
To borrow something from others,
Don’t just accept the favors of others.
Remember that other people’s things are good for others;
Your own things are worse.

Child, there is one more thing,
Although it is difficult to do, it is very important.
This is to have the courage to face up to their shortcomings.
You will grow up year after year,
I will gradually meet people who are better than you and better than you.
You will find yourself with many shortcomings that you hate.
This will make you depressed and inferior.
But you must face it,
Don’t evade, just correct it a little bit.
It is more arduous and meaningful to defeat yourself than to conquer others.