Written to the entrants, lightly abused, mild SM

For SM, many people are actually unacceptable, or “pleased to abuse”, but it is really enough to use “light abuse”, especially in actual combat, many people are more inclined to feel this little pain, but Small pains must also bite the position and hit the position, but also use the force of the right to bite.

It is lightly abused. If you want to be “light”, you can’t use tools. If you use tools, you have to go in a heavy direction. So we can use the hand, but also the mouth. Hands and teeth are our good partners, we have to use them well, whether it is very useful in the foreplay or on the way to do, we first “bite” from the foreplay.

Don’t bite it!
There are a lot of places that can be bitten in the foreplay, and half choose a sensitive position, but don’t bite it. What is a sensitive location? The inside of the thigh, the inside of the arm, the waist, or the buttocks, and the position of the lower abdomen close to the waist can be used to “lightly abuse”. If you can’t find it, you can touch and caress each other first, and feel the other’s body changes while touching. If the body trembles, the touched position is the position that you can bite. Don’t bite the private place, don’t bite the private place, don’t bite Private parts! (Important things say three times)

The position has been found, we have to bite it. Of course, we don’t really want to bite them when we eat the object. The target is not biting the bleeding. When we bite, the mouth is slightly open, then the lips are gently bitten to bite. The part, then the lower teeth bite down, the strength of the bite is the strength to bite into the banana, pay attention, is to bite into the banana, not to bite the banana, otherwise it is ice love pro… What is ice love? When you check Baidu, you will sleep all night.

Do you want to do it? lighter?
The frequency of biting must not be too slow to bite or too fast. If it is too slow, the other party will not feel. If it is too fast, it will easily appear. In order to pursue speed, the bite is too strong and will be injured, so the best is in the sensitive area. Find a line segment ready to bite, start from one end, bite to the other end in two seconds, usually bite twice and then change a place to plan a new line segment to start biting, at least three sets of bite line segments each time, this will Played a very good effect.

In the process of doing it, if it is a face-to-face type (face-to-face position), it is convenient to bite. The bite can be the part where the shoulder and the arm are connected. Although there is no direct pleasure, it can enhance the effect of communication by biting. The strength to tell each other’s own feelings. All of the above, the bitten person feels more painful and itchy, and will feel a strong pleasure.

Playing is pro, love is love
Come again. Of course, it’s not like playing SM. It’s not as fat as a beating. The fight is really “playing love, being a pro.” The parts that are hit are the legs and the buttocks. These two parts are the most meaty, and they are the least painful to fight, but the hits can bring appropriate stimulation. It can be used for the “issue command” when hitting the buttocks and legs.

For example, when you are in the back-in style, you can tell the other person to raise or lower the buttocks by hitting the buttocks. If you need to raise the buttocks, you can raise the buttocks from the bottom up. If you want the hips to fall, you can self-height. Suck the hips to the low ground, remember to let the palms of your hands relax, and the arm is forced to hit, so that you can hear the loud sound, and the sound is also a kind of stimulation.

If it is a female upper-handed, the boys can beat the girl’s buttocks to remind him to “attack” “deep”, so the fight itself is not only for the pain of the body perception, but also the psychological drive.