Xiaomi Mall shopping sense

First of all, it is not rice noodles, although it is not a fruit powder, but before the mobile phone only used iphone, millet 16 years after the mix, it was really amazing, and then 17 years except mix2, very like the unibody’s all ceramics, so wait until the exclusive version I have been staring at the sale, but I have not been able to grab the goods. The results of the double twelve found that not only do not have to rob, and ai audio gift, very happy, by the way Baidu a hand ai audio is 啥 Dongdong, the results found that the evaluation is quite high, but found that Jingdong display audio is out of stock, but Xiaomi Mall display The gifts are in stock, so the decisive Xiaomi Mall orders.

As a result, the things that I like to hear are happening. When I join the shopping cart, I can still see the gift information. But after entering the payment page, I can’t see the gift information. After trying it a few times, I found that it didn’t show up. Playing monkeys, but not to swear, so I didn’t think much, and decided to pay. The mobile phone arrived the next day, sent to the wife company, the wife said that the phone is not bad, the value can be, the size is the same as 7p, but the screen is bigger, then told me that the sound did not arrive. So I called the customer service, the customer service said that I would help you register, and then there will be a commissioner to contact me within 24 hours, so I will wait, the speed is really fast, someone will contact me in the afternoon, tell me that I can only return and buy again. Otherwise, it still doesn’t work, so I asked the customer service, can’t reissue one, or send a coupon or something else, the customer service thought for about a dozen seconds, indicating that I don’t know if I can do this, but it makes sense, you only I can return it and buy it again. I don’t know the other. I thought about it, anyway, logistics is also very fast, so I asked who returned the freight, the customer service has thought about it for more than ten seconds, one word at a time, the freight is definitely your own, after all, is you I want to return the goods, you want to participate in the activities, it can only be like this, I will come to the fire when I hear it, this is the problem you caused, why should I bear the freight, the customer service said that there is nothing to do, the system flow here is the only way, or you Do not return, or bear the freight yourself. I thought about it, after all, the same city SF is also a dozen dollars, then apply for a return, then retired, and re-ordered. As a result, I received a customer service call and told me that it was a system background problem, so it did not affect the display of the gift information. Therefore, I would issue coupons and purchase qualifications to my account in about 7 days, but it is time-limited and cannot be used after the expiration. I must check my account at any time, so I canceled the return and new orders according to the words, and started a 25-day non-small journey with Xiaomi customer service.

The first is that after 7 days, that is, on the 21st, it was found that there is still no purchase qualification and coupons, so I contacted the customer service. The result is that whether it is the online customer service or the telephone customer service, it is not clear how to deal with it before, but it will help. I am registering, let me wait patiently, there will be a commissioner to contact me. So I got into the initiative to contact customer service, the customer service said that I can find out that there is a problem registration, but I don’t know how to deal with it before, let me wait for the commissioner to contact, the commissioner told me the strange cycle of waiting patiently. After the New Year’s Day, there was still no news, so I contacted the customer service again. The customer service did not disappoint me. It greatly shortened my waiting time, because the customer service said that there would be a commissioner to contact me, but after 18 years of New Year’s Day, there is no more. The commissioner called me, and the online customer service shortened my cycle again. After two or three sentences, I disappeared. No matter how I contacted, I said nothing more. So I checked it online and found that many people are like this, but because of the background problem, there is no display of the gift information at all, so I decided to go to the 12315 complaint. I really didn’t expect Beijing’s industrial and commercial forces to give me a call. I told you about two days later. And tell the general process is to first mediate by industry and commerce, if the mediation is unsuccessful, I can only take legal proceedings and file a lawsuit. I don’t think I want this gift anyway. Since you are wrong with Xiaomi, at least you have to be warned by the administrative supervision unit, so you agree. I didn’t expect to receive the coupons that night, but since I didn’t check the account, I didn’t know that there was a coupon issued when the business phone informed me on Monday. It showed that there were three days to expire, so the business asked me if the problem was solved. The coupon has indeed arrived, but the mall still shows that the audio is about to be released. If there is no purchase qualification, it is impossible to purchase the gift. So the industry and commerce said that I will contact you in the afternoon to see if the purchase qualification is really the second. At one o’clock in the afternoon, it shows that the eligibility for purchase has arrived.

The reason for sharing this matter is not for Black Millet, but just want to spit out the service of Xiaomi Mall from the perspective of consumers. On the one hand, the customer service processing record is incomplete. Every time I have to tell me in detail how the previous customer service handled it. On the other hand, the attitude and efficiency of the customer service is really not strong, especially after the fact that it is really ignored. Xiaomi customer service gave me a call last night and asked if I handled it. It was really unprofessional. A few words, a total of three sentences, the first sentence asked me whether there is this problem before, the second sentence tells me that I have already issued the purchase qualification and coupons, the third sentence like I confirmed whether it has already arrived. . In these three sentences, one word and one word, each word has two or three seconds apart, just like reading a manuscript, but it is really unprofessional to read something in the manuscript. I also want to say that the 1215 national complaints platform is really very powerful. It is very unexpected and the efficiency is very high. I have to praise it. I hope that everyone will have a sense of rights protection in the future. This is not just a question of how much money. If you want to protect your legitimate rights and interests from infringement, you must not rely on it and defend it.

Really, after buying things, I really don’t want to buy it on a platform other than Jingdong. I am really tired, or Jingdong shopping experience is good.