Xiaoqing Long teaches you how to tear PG one black powder

This year

Stupid everywhere

Holding high the banner of “going to the magnetic king”

You guys

The world is full of brushes, “I heard that you have to take off.”

Still you guys

Arguing online

You guys

Block the door and call

Still you guys

Always unwilling to be lonely

Who is red, who is disgusting?

Where is it, how can you have it?

This bizarre creature is Black powder

Black powder is not powder

It is crawling out from the stinking ditch.

On the bright side is a friendly army

Do not take the crowd a line

Dripping heavily in the back

Can you keep a low profile?

“Is there no way to govern them?”


Here are the little green dragons to teach you how to tear black powder

Don’t always tell me about PG One, he is PG One, you are PG girl.
Grass, you always said in front of me, said so much, what should I do in the end?
Fuck shit, don’t tm say it here so much.
What should I do? I am a little bit ignorant and I don’t want to manage it.
I think I will definitely not be short of breath now.
Yo, like someone asked me if I have a girlfriend, I won’t follow you.
You know that I have nothing, my girlfriend is a right hand and a left hand every day.
What to do, I am freestyle every day, telling you what is called real 躁
Don’t be in front of me, you are very embarrassed, if you can take me to Sanya
I slowly answer each question. But they have no way to win me.
How to do it? They are all bad silver
Freestyle, my tm is the champion

What are the birds in the forest?

I am gentle and gentle.

My little broken wall public number HIPHOPMuseum opened

The old irons are paying attention to it, you are welcome.


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