Xu Yingyu: 6.26 gold today’s trend, gold operation, how gold operates, gold solution

International news analysis:

As countries sell US Treasury bonds, the dollar began to depreciate. The decline of the US dollar index will give the gold market an unprecedented momentum. Gold has been optimistic in the global arena. Then, as far as the market is concerned, the bulls must be greatly promoted. Of course, these are temporary views. Whatever the reasons for countries to throw out US debt, it is undeniable that the United States is still a superpower in the world. The US dollar is also the universal currency in the world. The status of US debt is still worthy of our optimism. The US dollar index cannot collapse immediately. However, if countries are selling US debt, the US dollar index will gradually weaken, which will affect the global economy.

The above news is a long-term positive factor for gold, so the market outlook / reputation is firmly bullish. Regarding the US 20% tariff increase on EU vehicles, the EU is the world’s largest auto exporter, and auto exports account for one of the country’s most important GDP ratios. The US increases car tariffs by 20%. This will undoubtedly shake the fundamental interests of EU countries. It will seriously intensify the contradiction between the United States and the European Union. The EU will make a frantic trade counterattack, and further increase the international risk aversion to bring stable support to gold. The market price of gold will rise steadily.

Xu Ying’s personal opinion:

Ying Yu believes that there are a number of factors that are driving down the trend of gold, and the US dollar is one of the important factors. After opening a strong rebound, the US dollar index has risen more than 2.8% during the year, directly offsetting the driving effect of risk factors on gold. In other words, because gold is settled in US dollars, the strength of the dollar makes gold more expensive for investors and thus suppresses the rise of gold. Historical data shows that gold and the dollar are negatively correlated in most cases. However, the negative correlation between the dollar and gold showed a downward trend after peaking in May, and reached a two-year low of -0.08 on Wednesday. This means that in addition to the US dollar, there are other factors that are pushing up the price of gold. I think the weakening of demand for gold in the Asian market is also one of the factors that make the gold price trend poor. From historical data, China and India’s demand for gold will be weak in the summer, which puts the gold futures market under more pressure.

In addition, in addition to the appreciation of the US dollar and the poor prospects for gold demand, the increase in market risk appetite may also be a major cause of the sluggish gold price. Gold is not popular now, people are more inclined to buy short-term US debt, or bet on the dollar higher, rather than bet on gold.

International gold trend analysis:

According to the trend of the gold market yesterday, gold is still at a low level. One of the key issues we need to figure out now is whether the 1261-1260 support is effective. If the support is effective, the later trend will be relatively simple. Ying Yu has said in the previous article that there are probably two kinds of gold trends: one is that gold will rise or not; the other is that gold will fluctuate in a range. Judging from the current gold market, Ying Yu believes that the possibility of a range volatility is greater. Well, since we can see that the interval is oscillating, then it is better to do it in operation. In operation, we only wait for the gold market callback, which is our chance to enter the market. Now that gold has been re-adjusted to the 1266 line, then we will decisively enter the first line in 1266. If we further adjust to the 1264-1263 line, we will continue to enter the market. Today, after the white gold market rebounded to the area of ​​1270-1272, I think it will continue to pull back. When it is time, more than one can leave. However, it is estimated that the gold night callback will not have much decline. If the gold market is stable against our forecast above 1270, we can also follow the multiple targets and see a steady exit near 1275-1277, waiting for further confirmation of the gold market.

Today, I suggest that you keep the 1261-1260 support. I also want to remind investors that the current strong rebound is difficult to achieve in the short term. First of all, I think the 1275-1277 area is temporarily insurmountable. And gold is a slow-paced market, even if you step back, even if gold can finally go up, it has to be confirmed repeatedly. Therefore, Ying Yu hopes that all friends will fast forward and forth when they have profits, because short-term transactions must be flexible. In addition, today’s white-plated gold trend is in the low range of shock consolidation, the gold trend is still maintained in the large interval 1261-1277 range operation.

About the solution: Because Xu Yingyu does not know your specific situation of single point, position risk, etc., can not give the corresponding solution strategy. Then a friend in need can consult Xu Yingyu or put on or cross Xu Yingyu. I still recommend that you invest in a friend and do not resist the order. The position should not be too heavy, avoiding the next set, not every time you can successfully solve the problem. Not every time you are happy, every time you make a bill, you should have a plan to make a single order. The details of the solution will be given in real time online, and the risk control and follow-up plan will be planned.

Ying Yu’s message:

Investment is a long-term process, always accompanied by losses and earning profits. If you are disheartened because of temporary losses, Ying Yu thinks this is a pity. After all, temporary losses do not represent the failure of investment. Time is not good for controlling funds or has not really learned how to control the funds. Ying Yu hopes to help you find a sense of accomplishment and a sense of joy in your success! I feel that you should correct your own mentality now, and sum up the reasons for the past failures. How to find a better-skilled teacher, learn more about market dynamics, and quietly leave will only cast a shadow on your own psychology. Leave regrets forever! Instead of this, it is better to be bolder, brave to stay, believe in yourself, follow the teacher.

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