Yin Deyi: Aesthetics

Yin Deyi: Aesthetics

Recently I am learning the aesthetic and artistic content of people. Say a little personal experience: the output and creation of a person’s work is not something that can be given in the book. Theoretical knowledge can only tell you what is going on and why, and history, but will not tell you what to do. If you say “what should be”, it is self-limitation, and it is not artistic creation.

Screenwriters and directors, the meaning of their works and the core of the story, lines, performances, and even the rhythm and scheduling of the film, the most fundamental is related to the director’s aesthetic. Aesthetics is a gift, and this cannot be learned from books. The reason why the lens language of Chinese film and television dramas has a strong domestic and urban atmosphere is that the director’s aesthetic has problems. Or the aesthetic is too bad. The beautiful director’s story will not be too bad, the beautiful director, the lens temperament will not be too bad.

The story is because of the scriptwriter. The knowledge, taste, vision, pattern, and experience of a screenwriter determine the people and things in the story. Some of the stories written by the screenwriters have a strong scent of scent, and the temperament manifested in the scenes, lines, and conflicts determines whether the tonality of the story is elegant or vulgar. Therefore, the height of aesthetics determines the ceiling of a creator. Learning to improve aesthetics can only be an imitation of the past, and the aesthetics of talent will create unlimited possibilities!

We found that Hollywood in the United States has the best directors in the world. Under the mature film industry system, each of these works has a high standard. In addition to the constant level of the Hollywood executive team, the director’s lens selection, position selection, actors’ performances, and scheduling are all at work. The story is a screenwriter. The master team only needs to complete the picture that the director wants. With a good aesthetic screenwriter, the story will not be too bad; there will be a good aesthetic director, then the picture and performance will not be bad. Coupled with the mature team, a mature film was filmed.

It can be said that the success of Hollywood films is that the overall practitioners’ aesthetics are more than the vast majority of people. A group of talented talents gather together, from topic planning to propaganda and distribution. The whole system is a group of aesthetic online people together. Make a film.

We in China need technical jobs too much, but in China’s film and television circles, there are too many unprofessional people mixed in, and even smashing creators. There is no awe of the works, let alone the high-profile or aesthetic of the works.

Aesthetics are about people, and character determines aesthetics. This seems to be a little far-fetched. But a person with a good aesthetic will constantly output a positive or profound intention, and these will be part of the universal value. People who have problems in aesthetics have nothing to do with learning. There are differences in ways of thinking. Such people have no aesthetics. They can’t make valuable works. However, once they are mixed into the film and television circle, such people are the kind of people who have no feelings. Just talk about money and halo and other ulterior motives. Moreover, such people are immersed in film and television circles, and most of them appear as producers. Such people hurt not only the works, but also the victims.

Therefore, I feel more and more that if I do a work, whether it can be achieved depends on whether everyone’s aesthetics are consistent. Only those who have the same aesthetic are the dream combination.