You love the way you look and expose your vision


There is a problem in knowing the truth: What kind of experience is too deep?

One of the answers said:

There is a fire in my heart. This kind of day is hard.

This sentence reminded me of the movie “I am not Pan Jinlian.”

The protagonist Li Xuelian has complained and appealed for more than 10 consecutive years. From the small county town to Beijing, he has been in trouble for more than a decade.

She thinks that she is a grievance. The reason that has supported her for more than a decade has been to petition and to give herself a “fair”.

Only one day after the death of her ex-husband car accident, Li Xuelian suddenly discovered that in addition to the petition and the ex-husband’s death, life suddenly became meaningless.

Adhere to more than a decade of faith and obsession, and suddenly collapse without reason.

The best time for Li Xuelian’s life was spent on petitions, petitions, and wrangling. In the end, people are old and hopeless.

All this, because she must be strong, to discuss an argument.

Li Xuelian, who has a beautiful color and skill, could have another way of life. However, from the moment Li Xuelian and this knot were on, her life was doomed.


Zhou Guoping said: The cause of many pains in life is the blindness.

The first expression of blind competition is Random and self-enhanced

Some people say that the most painful thing in life is not failure, but I can.

The mistakes of the past, let yourself and expectations missed. Then, blaming, indignant, obsessed with … … a boring pressure in the heart, the pain can be imagined.

Like everyone who talks about his tragic encounter after the loss of his beloved son, no matter how she condemns or complains, she will not return to the spring morning to save her child.

However, constantly complaining about themselves not only causes endless suffering to oneself, but also abandons the present that can be lifted up.

Competing with yourself is the most painful thing.

After all, you use your own imperfections to fight against perfection and use limited life to fight endless troubles.

Zhou Guoping also said:

An important aspect of the wisdom of life is to distinguish between what one can control and what one cannot control.
You can only take it for granted that you cannot control it. You have to work hard for what you can control. As for the result of hard work, you may wish to let it go.

I understand this passage as follows: Before preparing for compulsion, first consider a problem:

I’m struggling with this matter. Is it worth it?

If you achieve your own expectations because of your compulsion, of course it’s good; but if you lose what you should have, it’s not worth it.

There are too many things to do in life, so you don’t have to be too tangled up with the result.


However, there are not only people who love and compare with themselves, but also people who love and compete with others.

The beginning of Li Xuelian is a typical example.

Li Xuelian divorced her husband in order to let her husband divide the house in the unit. Who knows when the house is in hand, but the husband has turned against him and married another woman. She also said in public that Li Xuelian became the same as Pan Jinlian.

Because of this sentence, “Pin Jinlian,” Li Xuelian, who had no intention of entanglement, resumed the prosecution and thus began a long petition process until her ex-husband died.

Li Xuelian cherished the ex-husband’s “Pan Jinlian”, lost his youth and lost his life.

What people say is “invigorating the law” actually uses the instinct we love.

As the saying goes, don’t steam your head and fight for it. But what is the use of this tone?

Such people in real life, whether men or women, abound.

They do not think about whether it makes sense to do this, but they are led by others and lead their lives to the wrong track. In the end, even if they really fight for that tone, it is not worth the candle.


Most of the time, fighting is silly.

If it is only because of a little reason, then all attention will be given to this matter, and so many small things will be infinitely enlarged.

Zeng Guofan said: The future is not welcome. It was not complicated at the time and it was not loved in the past.

In the past, let it pass. It is not necessary to think too early in the future. It is not necessary to do too complicated things at the moment. The big deal is not entangled

When you look at the world, the historical changes, and the vast universe, let’s look at what you are entangled with and find out how insignificant it is.

After all, it is the vision of one person.

If your vision is broad enough, you will not cling to a trivial matter.

Li Xuelian thought that he was referred to by a thousand-year-old husband, but he did not think of it. In fact, he was juggling his paintings, sitting in the sky and blindly competing.

Out of those obsessions, there is another world.

mutual encouragement.

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