Your energy field, decide your destiny

We live in the universe. We are all made up of energy. This kind of energy is invisible and can be experienced in life. When you are with some people, you will feel very comfortable and have nothing to worry about, but sometimes you are with some people and feel that you have no energy to do anything.

We call this invisible energy the human’s gas field. Although you can’t see the human field, the power is very powerful. This kind of gas field will affect your life all the time. How is this gas field formed?

Your ideas, beliefs, environment, friends, breathing, desire, rest and sleep will all affect your gas field. Your temperament, luck and destiny are formed by your gas field.

A person has temperament, spirit, cultivation, and moral character. Such a popular field is good, and good things will be attracted and bring you good luck.

If a popular field is not good, it looks like no spirit and works inefficiently. If the gas field is even worse, it will be misused, and many bad things will happen to you, and everything will not go well.

What will have an impact on our gas field? Give you some conclusions.

Idea field

What is your idea, what to trust, what kind of atmosphere will be there, this is the law of attraction.

What you want in your heart will be attracted to your thoughts. If your thoughts are positive, you will have a positive and positive atmosphere. If your thoughts are negative, you will have a negative atmosphere. Will attract a lot of negative people and things. Therefore, if you improve your positive energy field, you must have positive thinking.

People who have ideas for making money will attract money, and those with poor minds will attract poverty. Through your thoughts, language, and behavior, they will open up green channels for what you realize, whether you are poor or rich, as you wish. What do you think in your heart? Things that you are always afraid of will come to you.

The reason is that your life and situation like your thoughts are your fruit. What you harvest when you plant it, this is the law of cause and effect.

After you understand the principles of this law, you use the energy of thought to pursue what you want, and you will be full of confidence. After you know the law of cause and effect, you will know how to use your thoughts correctly.

The human body is a sensitive information field, and it is always exchanged with the information and energy of the outside world.

Love gas field

The most powerful gas field in the universe is love, and love is the same as the harmony of the universe. Love is the positive field in your body. You only love to attract love. You must not only love yourself, but also love the people around you. You love all things on earth. The more love you send, the more you will love. Powerful, the more love you get.

When you make love, there is a field of love in the universe. If a person’s love has more gas, it will attract a lot of love. When you are in trouble, the universe will send out messages to make you feel like inspiration, where there is love, there will be telepathy, twins, couples, couples, mothers and children.

Only two people who love each other can resonate with their conscious body. Their love makes the two people even one another even if they are separated by a thousand miles. The other party’s love can be perceived, and the other party is dangerous and can be perceived.

When the child is in danger, the mother will feel uncomfortable; when you are thinking of a friend from afar, the friend will call you, although the two loved ones will not feel together, they can feel each other’s love. .

A person who often does good deeds, he has a very strong atmosphere of love. When he is in danger, he will have a feeling in the subconscious, and will give him some signals to let him feel and prevent the disaster from happening. Even if there is a disaster, he will be safe.

The universe has a causal law, and the universe is round, and it pays off as long as it pays. When you love others, others will love you. When you give someone a helping hand, others will help you.

positive energy

In real life, you will find people with negative energy and sometimes people with high energy. Positive energy people are positive, optimistic, and influential. But when you envy, you will be attracted to people with positive energy, and hope to be such a person.

positive energy

Energetic, energetic, positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, single-minded, positive, self-improvement, self-improvement, calm, and responsible.

Negative Energy

Weeping, inferiority, anger, worry, irritability, stress, negative challenges, everything is a problem, relationship is a challenge, complaint, blame, and so on.

Everyone wants good luck. If you want good luck, bad luck, you have positive energy on your body, which will attract good luck. If you have troubles every day, good luck will hide from you.

When we are grateful and kind, we will bring good luck and life will be happy.

Author Shuiling Master, 13 years old, fell into the door of Zhengyi. In the second year of the year, he visited Lushan and Zhongnanshan, and studied under the teacher’s eight years of study. He studied the eight characters and Feng Shui in depth and formed his own unique insights into Zhou Yi. Xin Yannian was admitted to Shandong University to study for a master’s degree in Ancient Chinese Philosophy and served as a moderator in several well-known forums. Good at octagonal, Liuyi, Yangzhai Feng Shui.